Student Sanctuary

Union City Board of Education, Union City, NJ

The Student Sanctuary is a landscaped pedestrian plaza located at the main entrance to Union City High School.  The plaza is an extension of the existing school’s arched loggia and offers the students a place to congregate before, during and after school.  The design features landscaped and hardscaped areas a small amphitheater, benches, and decorative raised pergola.  A waterfall and fountain provide a relaxing oasis from the urban surroundings.  The decorative brick paved serpentine walkway, bluestone paved patios, and concrete ramps provide barrier free access to all landscaped elements including evergreen and deciduous trees, flowering shrubs and perennials, decorative all-season grasses and sculpted lawns.  A security system with cameras and emergency bluelight stations and audio system with speakers are connected to the schools security and IT departments.  The plaza provides an enriched student experience and a welcomed sense of place.